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Flamable gases and residual fuel are used as energy carriers for the propulsion of motor vehicles. In vehicles with combustion engines, the fuel is burned and converted into mechanical power. Thereby the fuel oxidates in the air. The greatest part of the exhaust gas components is categorized in pollutants, such as gases, fume or dust, which we inhale by breathing. The degree of harmful effects depends on the duration of exposure and inhaled quantity of these exhaust gases. The various exhaust gas components in the air cannot be determined without further expense. For example: Carbon monoxide, it is tasteless, odorless and invisible for humans.

Generally endangerment is considered if hazardous substances exist in the breathing of the staff. If diesel engines are operated in partly or completely closed workshops, the exposure of the employees to these gases needs to be kept as low as possible. The best solution for this problem is the source extraction of all exhaust gas components. This requires a consequent use of an exhaust gas extraction system and a complete extraction of this exhaust gases.

Depending on the operating range, for example: reception, service, test bench area or exhaust gas testing, the corresponding solutions are offered. For the right selection it is, amongst other facts, crucial to know what kind of vehicle it is about: motorcycle, passenger car, utility, construction, agricultural, locomotives or integrated auxiliary.

s.tec Germany GmbH is the leading manufacturer in the field of the source extraction of pollutant gases from vehicles with combustion engines. We help our customers to maintain all the health protection rules at work. We support you from planning to installation. Take a look on our solutions for the range of gas-, fume- and dust-extraction and contact us, we would be glad to help you.

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