FireMaster Start

For smaller fire departments with lower usage rate. The free-hanging system with no fixed connection to the fire engine is especially user friendly and prevents tripping hazards and damage to the vehicle

FireMaster Start

for automatic detachment from the exhaust end pipe with exhaust hose NW 150 – 4 m long, extremely light and flexible, heat resistant up to 180°C with poles and mouthpiece to adapt in height and position to exhaust pipes without fixed connection to the fire engine and without a pedestal, freely suspended – thus poses no risk of tripping or damage to the vehicle.

With a flanged fan or central fan made of cast aluminum.

With an intake and/or exhaust duct NW 160.

The fan is controlled by a motor protection switch with on/off function, or by a central control unit with on/off function and a post-detach operation relay, located at the entrance to the garage hall.

The advantages of FireMaster Start are:

  • Reliable capture of the exhaust gases of fire engines at alarm occasions and during test runs in the garage.
  • The most modern and robust technology with simple handling.
  • Mounts securely on the garage wall/ceiling next to the vehicle.
  • An inexpensive solution to avoid an odour load in the garage.
  • Available with automatic start-stop function of the whole system
  • Secure takeoff of the emergency vehicles
  • The FireMaster Start system does not require compressed air and electricity for the extraction element, so it is an energy-efficient and very reliable system.

The system Firemaster Start requires no compressed air and electricity for the capturing element, therefor this system is energy-saving and reliable.