Our MultiSpeedMaster is a professional solution that meets all the requirements of the smart repair sector.

The equipment consists of a light-weight steel frame resting on four pillars which is surrounded by a transparent curtain. It can be integrated in any part of the workshop and requires only 4.5 x 7m of space. The basic framework is self-supporting. It separates the smart repair workstation from the workshop while still being able to incorporate the required installations such as easily movable supply and exhaust hoods with integrated filter technology. The equipment is not subject to approval due to the low level of pollutants in spot repair and has also received the ‘GS’-mark for safety.


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health protection

Compliance with the requirements of occupational health and safety


short reaction and delivery times

time savings

Grinding and filling, painting and drying take place at one workstation

energy efficiency

very low energy costs through innovative technology
quick return on Investment“