FireMaster Topline


  • source exhaust gas extraction system during engine-start and departure out of the vehicle hall
  • compliance with statutory provisions (TRGS) for safety at the workplace
  • minimum energy consumption with fan start/stop automatically
  • an almost 100% emission-free parking hall is guaranteed


The system includes s.tec rail channels type SSK 150 with FireMaster Topline extraction device. The running distance inside the channel is, depending on the type, about 6 – 14 m. On the carriage with exhaust hose, a magnetic release mechanism is attached, which is coupled to a magnetic plate on the vehicle.

There is no force-or form-fitting connection to the vehicle exhaust, and it requires no additional electricity or compressed air supply.

During the drive out, the clutch opened on a defined trigger point, using the power of an reversible permanent magnet, and the hose detached from the vehicle and repelled.

Here, the speed while leaving the hall does not matter.

Due to the close hose guidance near the vehicle you have unrestricted movement. The internal balancer adjustment prevents dangerous oscillations after removal of the hose. The funnel position can be optimized by an interior 3-fold aluminum hinge on the different exhaust tailpipes. The hose carriage will be gently decelerated by a damper at the end of the rail.

The extraction hose does not touch the vehicle or the ground at any point of time.

Through the open connection between the funnel and the exhaust pipe fresh air is simultaneously drawn too, which leads to a much lower temperature stress and longer life of the exhaust hoses.

The system can be fitted with a single or central fan.