extraction arms and accessories

Welding fume and grinding dust at the working area – a risk for the health.

The capturing of the accruing fumes and dust by a source extraction has many advantages.

  • The dispertion of the pollutants in the working area and the protection of the workers can be effectively prevented by the correct use of extraction arms.
  • The necessary extraction volume of the extraction arms can be adjusted regarding the requirements through manual and automatic air volume regulation, thus enable an energy-efficient extraction.
  • An easy handling is ensured by external pivots and hydraulic dampers.
  • The large number of different variations covers all types and sizes of manual and automatic welding workstations.
  • Our extraction arms in the modular system enable the use in single- as well as large central-systems.

Our extraction arms at a glance

extraction arm SA

extraction arm RA

telescopic extraction arm

ground brackets