extraction arm type SA

Extraction arm type SA 2000 – 9000

  • For a work area vertical below the arm, self-locking in every position
  • Includes mountings for wall
  • Type SA is 360° rotatable
  • Hose-arms with a length of 2 – 4 m can be connected directly with the fan or the piping, through the mountings
  • Hose-arms with a length of 5 – 9 m are connected through the hose with the fan or the piping
  • Construction with external bar system and hydraulic dampers
  • Suitable for welding fume, light dust and gases

The arm has a balanced, pneumatic spring aided parallelogram building. The arm is designed with a rod external of the hose. This minimizes the wearout, the air flow is increased and maintenance and calibration will be faciliated.

Highly flexible hose with grey copolymers at the outside and 6 coatings aluminium foil on the inside. Built on concealed steel coil.

Suitable for many ventilation purposes; especially for welding fume. Temperature resistance: -20°C – 140°C

Weight: Æ160 – 0,42 kg/m