Fire departments

We also have the ideal solution for the emergency services. We have developed a special system since every second counts – the FireMaster series.

The term FireMaster stands for optimum solutions at every scale, ranging from small volunteer fire departments to profession fire brigades or task forces at airports. The main idea behind all FireMaster systems is automatic disconnection once the fire station has been vacated. Its design enables personnel to drive off into action without waiting. Deployment speed is negligible so valuable time is saved.

Hose guidance is located near to the vehicle in all cases to provide for unrestricted freedom of movement. The dangerous swinging of the hose after detachment is reduced to a minimum by our system.

The systems can also be equipped with a direct start-up fan which initiates when the vehicle is started. Our TopLine and Airpulse system have also received the GS mark to certify that they are safe.

Our exhaust gas extraction systems at a glance:

FireMaster Airpulse

FireMaster Airpulse SSK

FireMaster Classic

FireMaster Overhead

FireMaster Start

FireMaster Static

FireMaster Topline