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FireMaster Airpulse

The Fire Master Airpulse system consists of a special neoprene – rubber – exhaust hose with high temperature-resistance. This is equipped with a PETP spiral designed for the highest vacuums. A compressed air cuff is mounted at the exhaust hose. This is placed on the exhaust end pipe. By operating the hand valve, the air pressure closes the cuff tightly around the exhaust pipe such that no fumes can escape.

Through the pressure switch and the appropriate control unit, the ventilator is activated when the vehicle engine is started. The hose bundle and the carriage follow the vehicle smoothly. When exiting the vehicle hall, the disconnecting valve is actuated at a freely adjustable point. This opens the manual valve. The compressed air escapes from the cuff and the connection to the tailpipe is disconnected. The carriage rolls in the direction of travel up to the rubber-mounted end stop that receives the kinetic energy of the hose bundle.

At the entrance of the vehicle, the compressed air cuff is manually placed on the tailpipe and the manual valve on the exhaust gas hose is actuated. The pressure switch in the pipe switches on the ventilator at the same time. This is provided with a return air lock valve at the outlet in order to prevent air pressure fluctuations through outside air. Through the carriage the hose bundle accompanies the vehicle up to its parking position in the vehicle hall.

After stopping the engine, the ventilator continues to run further for an adjustable time. After switching off the exhaust system, the extraction system is present in “standby” mode for the next use.