Type PF 1200

  • Mobile cartridge filter unit, suitable for the extraction of long-term welding works with unalloyed steel and precious metals, galvanized material and aluminium, with strong formation of smoke.
  • This mobile cartridge filter unit is IFA-certified for welding fume category W3 (certification IFA: 201021078/1140). The separation efficiency is ≥ 99 %.
  • At approved use the filter unit is suitable for use in circulating air operation as it fulfils the requirements for the exceptional rules according to the new German hazardous substances ordinance.
  • Standard model with extraction arm in 2m, 3m or 4m

As the filter cartridge with a big filter area is dedustable, the unit only generates minimal consequential costs. The filter cartridge remains in the unit during dedusting which guarantees that no dust can reach the working space.

A stable sheet steel construction with continuous powder coating guarantees a low maintenance operation even under rough conditions.

A baffle plate serves to pre-separate gross particles. Afterwards, the filter cartridge separates the remaining dusts and fumes. The filters are dedusted at a maintenance door by means of a compressed air pistol on the clean air side. The particles are collected in a dust collecting drawer and can be disposed afterwards.

The air outlet on the back side of the unit passes upwards through the outlet grill. Therefor from a distance of 1m no disruptive air flow is dectactable.

The filter unit is equipped with a high-performance fan with high depression, which guarantees a high volume flow even with filter saturation.