emission test rail system type SSK 150 with SLS truck

Areas of application:

Aluminium rail system type SSK 150 with SLS for truck emission tests provided with the respective capture elements and associated extraction fans in accordance with BG / BIA / ASA design guidelines are intended for extracting exhaust gases in maintenance and repair services of combustion engines, as well as for emission tests and chassis dynamometers in compliance with the specified max. temperature loads.

Furthermore, aluminium rail systems can aspirate smoke and dust arising in welding and grinding jobs in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Consisting of:

Combined rail system for brake test line and emssion tests

  • Aluminium extraction rail system SSK 150 and SSK 290with offset connector
  • 2 end-covers and 1 extraction-piece made of cast aluminium
  • Continuous extruded rubber profile-lip for sealing of rail suction opening
  • fan made of cast aluminium, with 2.4 kW motor – 400V A/C 50 Hz, and quick clamping bracket.
  • Motor protection with on / off switch
  • Exhaust pipe independent extraction system SLS Car DN 150
  • Balancer with interlock with hose collar DN 50 and automatically opening butterfly valve