FHT 1100

The high temperature hose FHT 1100 is resistant up to 900°C (briefly up to 1.100°C with external stainless steel coil, multilayer, robust, insulating, extremely heat resistant.


  • Wall: inside armored with stainless steel wire and special coated glass fabric, Thermo-isolation fabric outside special coated glass fabric
  • Clamp profile: stainless steel (INOX)

Areas of application:

Exhaust and blower hose, especially suitable for:

  • Extraction systems, engine technology, engine warming, aircraft industries
  • applications where flame retardant hoses are required
  • solids such as dust, powder and fibers
  • gaseous media such as vapors and smoke
  • dedusting and extraction systems, fume extraction, furnace extraction and welding fumes extraction systems
  • as bellows and compensator


  • multilayered
  • insulating
  • extremely heat resistant
  • flexible
  • abrasion protection via external clamp profile
  • firm clamping of the wall in clamp profile
  • kink-proof
  • very robust
  • RoHS compliant