FHT 200

The exhaust hose FHT 200 is a spiral hose coated with neoprene, oil and petrol resistant, ultra-lightweight, kink-proof, smooth inside, temperature resistant up to 200° C.


  • Wall: coated polyester fabric
  • Clamp profile: galvanized steel
  • Abrasion protection: elastic high-temperature plastic

Areas of application:

Exhaust and blower hose, especially suitable for:

  • extracting exhaust gases
  • exhaust hose reels
  • extraction rail channels
  • over- and under-floor extraction systems


  • Vibration resistant
  • Protective outer profile of elastic material
  • Very good heat resistance
  • Highly flexible and compressible
  • Improved vacuum resistance
  • Abrasion protection via external adhesive profile
  • Firm clamping
  • Of the wall in clamp profile
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Small bending radius
  • Kink-proof
  • Lightweight
  • RoHS compliant