Hand-sewn hose type HTG 200; 350; 450; 600; 750

The hand-sewn and robust high temperature hose type HTG has an incorporated steel wire helix and external scuff strip as well as wire free cuffs at each end.

Availabe in the temperature range of 200°C; 350°C; 450°C; 600°C; 750°C.


  • 2-ply smooth and strong construction
  • seamless construction for optimal arflow
  • incorporated steel wire helix and external scuff strip
  • axial sewn construction with high temperature resistant thread
  • wire free cuffs at each end

Areas of application:

Exhaust and blower hose, especially suitable for:

  • extracting engine exhaust gases
  • exhaust hose reel
  • extraction rail channels
  • over-floor extraction systems


  • temperature resistant up to the mentioned type number
  • extreme good mechanical qualities, steel wire helix is sewed in, not cliped
  • up to 40% better vacuum rating than clipped products
  • seamless construction for optimal airflow
  • good long-term gas tight properties
  • not UV resistand


It is possible to combine different HTG hose types with each other for example 2m HTG 450 with 8m HTG 200. The exact length of the hose parts must be specified when placing the order. Wire free cuffs at each end in order to use flat hose clamps.