hose reel with motor drive truck

Function of the motorised hose reels:

If required, the hose reel with exhaust nozzle is shut down by engaging a hanging switch, wall button or radio remote control The hose is then pulled to the vehicle with the nozzle and clamped to the exhaust. After use, the nozzle is removed from the exhaust and carried back. Now the hose can be coiled again by engaging one of the aforementioned triggering units. Ensure, that the hose is fed neatly. Standard end switches limit the coiling and the uncoiling.

The ventilator is automatically switched on or off while going up or down


  • exhaust hose diameters 125 – 150
  • SAR connection box for control unit for central fan
  • pendant switch for hose down/up, fan on/off
  • rotating joint at the nozzle (funnel) from neoprene rubber with internal clamping device for single and small double exhaust gas pipes
  • for direct wall or ceiling mounting
  • optionally with fan