„There was nothing comparable…“
The workshop located in Hofheim, Germany is specialized in Smart Repair on cars. The repair of small to medium damages to the paintwork has developed to a famous and cost-efficient alternative trough technical innovations. The owner, Martin Reichelt, is involved in the smart-repair business for over ten years. Five years ago he decided to run his own company specializing the smart repair. Any necessary equipment was purchased to guarantee the professionalism and quality for the customer, only the extraction of the paint spray was missing. Mr. Reichelt tried simple, mobile solutions but without success. A paint booth on the other hand would have been an option since there was no sufficient space available. So his biggest problems were time and space.
After a search on the internet, his attention was drawn to our Smart-Repair working bay. The MultiSpeedMaster seemed to be the perfect solution for his problems. The working bay can be integrated into the workshop, occupies not a lot of space, still it offers a separation from the rest of the workshop through its movable curtains. Due to the movable in- and outlets the extraction can take place wherever it is needed – thus the requirements for efficient and energy saving work are given. All the work steps take place in one area which makes it possible to conduct the Spot-Repair within an hour.

Reichelt Dellentechnik, owner Martin Reichelt
Nordring 14, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus