hose reel

This type of fume extraction system combines the advantages of a compact system with great flexibility. Up to three workstations can be served with an appropriate arrangement. The extraction hose is wound onto a hose reel and lowered either mechanically or by means of an electric drive as required. We use our spiral hose, which was specially developed for the higher exhaust gas temperatures of today’s vehicles. It is temperature resistant up to 180 ° C. Naturally, this system can also be equipped with a hose for higher temperatures. For the hose end, we recommend using our newly-developed 60° rubber elbow with clamping device for single-pipe exhaust systems. This serves as a base support for the exchange funnel of different sizes for double-pipe exhaust systems – a new technology which is optimally designed to meet the needs of the operator. The peculiarity of our hose reels is the use of cast aluminium components, such as side walls, lid and spindle parts.

Areas of application:

  • The hose reel provided with the respective capture elements and associated extraction fans in accordance with BG / BIA / ASA design guidelines is intended for extracting gases in maintenance and repair services of combustion engines, as well as for emission test benches in compliance with the specified max. temperature loads.
  • No combustible or explosive substances may be aspirated; combinations of extraction of exhaust gases from internal combustion engines with welding and grinding jobs are not allowed. Moreover, combinations with room or pit ventilation systems are not allowed.
  • The exhaust air conduction after the extraction fan must be designed in accordance with the relevant country legislation. Also in this case, it is key to follow the corresponding system design of the manufacturer.

Our hose reels at a glance

hose reel with spring action car

hose reel with spring action truck

hose reel with motor drive car

hose reel with motor drive truck