hoses & nozzles

Product benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Robust and thoughtful design
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Suitable for the intended purpose
  • Temperature resistance
  • Exhaust-independent waste gas capture elements (SLS)

Areas of application:

The exhaust hose combination and the exhaust hoses provided with the respective capture elements and associated extraction fans in accordance with BG / BIA / ASA design guidelines are intended for extracting gases in maintenance and repair services of combustion engines, as well as for AU and chassis dynamometers in compliance with the specified max. temperature loads.

Our exhaust nozzles at a glance

exhaust stand nozzle car

exhaust stand nozzle truck

exhaust nozzle with clamping device car

exhaust nozzle with clamping device truck

exhaust nozzle classic design car

exhaust nozzle classic design truck

exhaust nozzle without clamping device car

exhaust nozzle without clamping device truck

exhaust gas stand nozzle for cars with double pipe

special solutions

Our exhaust hoses at a glance

exhaust hose UNI 2000

high temperature hose FHT 300

high temperature hose FHT 450

high temperature hose FHT 650

exhaust hose TR 1000

Workshop hose

high temperature hose FHT 200

high temperature hose FHT 1100

Hand-sewn hose type HTG